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New Project: USB Oscilloscope

I started a project to build a USB-oscilloscope to learn more about (analog) electronics. The project will be as OpenSource as possible. Unfortunately some tools I use to build the project are only available as closed source (more of this below), but all the stuff I create will be fully open source.

The project is currently in a very early state so don't expect too much. It is still far away from a “real” oscilloscope. The whole analog frontend is missing, there is no triggering and I can't tell you how accurate the measurements are (probably not at all). What it currently does is displaying a waveform of a measured voltage on the computer. The input can be between 0V and 3.3V. The sampling rate is around 20k samples per second.

On the left you can see a screenshot from the GUI Application that displays a measured waveform. The values on the time axis do not correspond to any real values in seconds (they just count the samples). In the following I will describe what I did so far. For the details have a look at the source code and schematics provided below.

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Short Story The Weapon

A new short story of mine has been published on 365tomorrows. You can read it here.

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First Short Story: Police Control

The people at 356 Tomorrows have decided to publish my first short story. If you like, have a look at: Police Control

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